Benefits of a Stylist’s Eye

Benefits of a Stylist’s Eye
I’ll let you in on a little secret: As much as I love clothes shopping, I hate heading into the dressing room and trying things on. I know fashion and I know what looks good on me when I see it, after all. Can you relate?

The thing is, my clothing would get boring fast if I filled my closet with only “safe” pieces – and so would yours. Sometimes, you just have to take a leap of faith when a well-dressed stylist holds up a designer top that you’re pretty sure you’d never wear and urges you to “just try it on.” Believe me I know, having been on both sides of the hanger. After 43 years of outfitting Baltimore’s best-dressed women, there’s still nothing more rewarding than watching an incredulous client emerge from the dressing room, surprised to discover that she’s modeling her new favorite outfit.

In the world of fashion, the relationship between client and stylist is sacred. It’s built on honesty, discretion, intuition, good taste, and trust. Even the most confident fashionistas will tell you that they count on a favorite stylist to keep their wardrobes au courant.

Here at Ruth Shaw, we can do that for you (and more). Whether you’re shopping for a specific outfit, special occasion, or you’re just in need of some retail therapy, check in with one of our stylists – in our boutique or over the phone. And if we suggest that you try on something unexpected, what’s the worst that could happen? Go ahead and give it a whirl!

Ray Mitchener has been a critical member of the Ruth Shaw team since the boutique’s earliest years. Today he is both curator and co-owner with his husband Brian Comes.

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