Looking Nice is Always in Style

Looking Nice is Always in Style
Growing up in 1960s rural North Carolina, my mother used to get dressed to run errands. “You never know who you’ll run into,” she’d say. Back then, grocery shopping in your best dress wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. In today’s casual world, however, many of my most stylish clients tell me that they’re often asked, “Why do you look so nice?”

In our new, unwanted reality of Zoom meetings and masked social distancing, “getting dressed” may seem pointless to some. Still, fashion lovers like you and me know that to look good is to feel good -- and that, in itself, should be reason enough.

Now more than ever, when the world seems so different, it is important to “look like you” and maintain your personal style. My advice? Treat yourself to a tour of your closet, rediscovering its carefully curated contents. Remember the stories of where and how you acquired those most adored pieces. Then, every day, make a point of throwing on something fabulous to look at, feel, and wear.

Treat yourself to a little retail therapy, too. Our renovated website is a great place to start online. New and exciting, we can now also shop with you concierge-style over Zoom, Facetime, or telephone. And if you’re up for some in-person retail therapy? Call for a private appointment in our Kenilworth Boutique or drop by during regular business hours. Brian, Tobi, and I will be there waiting with sanitized hands and six feet apart, smiling under our masks to safely welcome you back to the fun of exploring our designer finds.  

Ray Mitchener has been a critical member of the Ruth Shaw team since the boutique’s earliest years. Today he is both curator and co-owner with his husband Brian Comes.

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