For the Love of Jackets

For the Love of Jackets
Here at Ruth Shaw, I’m totally the jacket girl. I mean, I always buy whole suits but it's the jackets I wear the most. I feel like whatever I am wearing, a jacket finishes it off.

Say you’re a jeans and tee-shirt type: Throw on a jacket, and your outfit instantly grows up! More comfortable in a skirt and button-down top? A jacket plus a belt around your waist makes a crisp and polished impression. I love the look of a jacket over a chambray button-down shirt. And, if you ask me, the more color the better. (I love wearing my Kelly-green jacket because it’s nice to step out in something fun.) At a bare minimum, every girl should have one navy and one black jacket in her closet. Throw in a fine hound’s tooth for some texture, and you’re really starting to build out your collection.

Really, there’s no formula to amassing a jacket wardrobe – just try not to limit yourself to one length, fit, or style. You’ll want to own shorter jackets to pair with skirts, for example, and longer jackets to pair with slim pants. While fitted jackets are always nice, I’m also a fan of the oversized, boyfriend jacket. As for the question, “to button or not to button?” I tend to leave my jackets open unless my jacket is double-breasted but, truly, when it comes to jackets, anything goes.

Tobi Chiampou is a curator and integral member of the Ruth Shaw leadership team. A former fashion model, the recent arrival of Tobi's firstborn makes her one of Baltimore's best-dressed moms.

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